NetKernel News Volume 1 Issue 12

January 22nd 2010

What's new this week?

  • Modeled in ROC, this message resolves to the NULL resource.
  • No state changes to report - no updates to NK. Nothing.

Paradoxically having nothing to say actually means I do have something to say. It shows that any resource may have an unlimited number of identifiers (multivalence). Since the first paragraph of this message is itself an identifier to the NULL resource. Others include... On unix /dev/null. Then, in maths, there's 0 or {} the empty set. Maybe the most beautiful is e^(i.pi)+1 (Euler's equation)...

...sorry, have spent too much time recently working on the new portal - which will be going into pre-production testing real soon - and when not doing that, my recreation have been reading a lot of maths - building some hard core bedrock ROC CS/Maths.

In summary, there is no NK repository news. Move along please.

Community News

Jeff Rogers has been pushing some exotic use cases for serving stale resources when server demand and/or response latency are high.

This is good stuff - Tony's taciturn responses are not a reluctance to consider low-level modifications to the cache. Rather it reflects a general principle that core stability is sacrosanct and changes to the core are to be approached only with good reason and if higher-level "user-space" solutions are not possible, or are hideously inelegant (plus the fact that Tony is naturally grumpy).

Tony has prototyped a proposed solution that uses the existing pluggable-overlay. We're waiting to hear from Jeff if this meets the use case. We'll make it generally available when its refined.

ROC News

Brian Sletten's latest InfoQ article is available...

Randy is continuing his world tour (already presented an "Introduction to NetKernel" to the Seattle JUG, Boulder JUG, the Denver JUG and the Colorado Open Source Group). Upcoming presentation are:

Architect's Introduction to NetKernel to the Northern Colorado Architect Group (on February 17, 2010). This will be both an introduction to NetKernel and an indepth look at the implications of using ROC for architects in large scale system designs.

REST WS presentation to the Colorado Open Source Group (he was invited back - they must have a high pain threshold in Colorado) on February 25, 2010. This will be a presentation on embedding NetKernel in a Servlet and mapping REST web service requests to NetKernel accessors.

If you are interested in having a presentation for your group, you know who to call.

Have a great weekend.


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