NetKernel News Volume 1 Issue 15

February 12th 2010

What's new this week?

  • Refinements to the request nesting feature in NKF
  • Tweaks to http-client and server
  • A few minor fixes.
  • The first appearance of NetKernel Enterprise Edition preview 2 and NKEE repository.
  • CSP updates.

NKSE Repository Updates

layer0 - refinement to request nesting to make scope of inner request follow the scope of the outer request when using mapper to define wrapped request chains.

http-client - now exports its Apache commons http classes.

http-server - Session overlay now has a configuration option to set the name of the Cookie to use for correlating the session.

layer1 - the BinaryStream2String transreptor now handles streams that don't report their length.

nkse-dev-tools - control panel search indexer updated, granularity of the request throughput chart was enhanced.

visualizer - a fix was made to prevent possible NPEs when saving a visualizer trace.

nkse-control-panel - now eliminates dependencies in the search results when they are not local resources.


We're still in pre-release testing but getting close to a public launch. For those who are in the test programme there are two new portlets...

A wiki portlet has been added. So now every project has a shared team wiki. A license portlet has been added for license management

NetKernel Enterprise Edition - Preview 2

We've started a limited access programme for NKEE preview 2 with a corresponding long-term enterprise repository. Once initial shakedown is complete we'll be widening access and sending out invitations to join the portal and get hold of the NKEE release.

ROC News

Sorry - we've been flat out to get NKEE ready so too busy to blog. Next week! Promise!

Have a great weekend.


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