NetKernel News Volume 1 Issue 20

March 19th 2010

What's new this week?

  • One more optimization.
  • Updated Apposite client.
  • Updated xml-saxon.
  • New resultset to table library.

Repository Updates

module-standard: Optimized matching of meta endpoint identifiers.

apposite: Faster sync, tighter front-end, extra error handling, separate logging. Improved the DB update queries by a factor of 10 so now synchronization speed should be dominated only by your network. We switched to jquery for the AJAX client-side - this makes the tool feel a lot tighter and also means there is much less chance of the front-end going "out of step" with the backend services. Fixed bug so package detail view now reports correct modules. Improved data model for dealing with user uploaded packages.

xml-saxon: Now has support for XML catalogues.

system-core: Bug fix ensures expiry dependencies are always attached to the system metadata representation.

nkperf: On first run it now gives you the choice which tests to perform.

ROC Community

1gch-tablenk: Chris Cormack has created a configurable ResultSet to HTML table library. It's available from the NKSE repository in the multiverse set (see below)

How to set up NKEE to use the NKSE multiverse repository

If you're on NKEE download this repository configuration to add the NKSE multiverse package set to apposite...

  1. Extract the zip to get the config file and the repository public key.
  2. In apposite admin (http://localhost:1060/apposite/admin/) click "Upload Repository Settings" and upload the file "apposite-repo-settings.xml" - this sets up the connection to the NKSE multiverse set.
  3. Go to the apposite security settings and upload "repo-public-key.cer" as the public key for the repo.
  4. Test connection and Sync.

Have a great weekend.


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