NetKernel News Volume 1 Issue 3

November 7th 2010

What's new this week?

Somewhat low public visibility activity this week. Principally because we've been focused on producing the first release of the Enterprise Edition access program.

I'm pleased to say that subscribers that have joined the NKEE access program can now download NKEE 4.0.0 preview 1.2. Notable features include:

The build is a superset of the NKSE system. It includes some kernel extensions to provide realtime profiling of endpoints and requests. It also provides the following enhanced tools:

  • Visualizer EE - Has detailed request timings, supports save and restore of visualizer traces.
  • Deadlock Detector - Allows you to handle many different classes of deadlock.
  • Endpoint Profiler - Statistical reports on long term use of endpoints.
  • Leak Detector - take heap dumps and compare on a live system.
  • SQL Playpen - Tool to work with RDBMS

All these tools are production ready - so you can use NKEE as a direct production replacement for NKSE (we do).

If you'd like to get details of how to get hold of this build please send an email to:

Community News

A community project has started to provide an XML->POJO extraction tool based on XPath (or more likely XPath2, due to its much more sophisticated namespace support). The forum discussion is here...

With development ongoing in the xml-saxon module svn:

Given the rapid progress its likely there'll be a repository release available pretty soon.

Jeff Rogers discovered an external URI decoding bug - great effort since it was in an algorithm that's getting on for 5-years old. The report is here: The workaround is to not use lower-case in escaped hex values in external URLs. Internally this bug will not occur. A fix will be available through apposite early next week.

ROC News

Looks like the glory days of ROC communication are dimming. No blog posting this week. Blame the excruciating pleasure of Java Security APIs and NKEE's encrypted module infrastructure. (This is very cool, NKEE will allow you to distribute encrypted modules to production, so keeping confidential code/data/resources)

Enjoy the weekend!


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