NetKernel News Volume 2 Issue 19

March 4th 2011

What's new this week?

Catch up on last week's news here

Repository Updates

The following updates are available in both the NKEE and NKSE repositories...

  • database-relational 1.9.1
  • http-server 2.3.1
    • Changed POST parameter encoding detection, Jetty 7 now assumes default of UTF-8 previous versions assumed ISO-8859-1
    • Logger updated to log to an independent log.
  • nkse-dev-tools 1.29.1
    • Request Trace and Class Trace tools now show space versions to differentiate between multiple versions of the same module in a single system.
    • Grammar's Kitchen - added workaround for Windows bug of expanding line breaks after each round trip of grammar form submission. Windows doesn't consistently round trip textarea content.
    • New Module Wizard refresh (see below)
  • wink-wiki 1.14.1
    • Fixed a bug in the javascript version selection in the editor diff form.

The following update is available in the NKEE repository...

  • nkee-arp 1.4.1
    • Fixed bug where packages with : (colon) in name would break "generate repository" on certain OS filesystems.

Tools Refresh: New Module Wizard

Ordinarily I create modules by hand from scratch. But I know it can be useful to have a tool to take care of the boilerplate. Last week I had reason to use the New Module Wizard and discovered I didn't like it very much. So I spent an hour tidying it up. The result is included as part of a number of tool updates in the nkse-dev-tools package.

The notable new features of the refreshed New Module Wizard are:

  • Option for "no-script" to create a vanilla module (my most common use-case).
  • Rootspaces now have a uri and a human readable descriptive name.
  • Documentation resources go in their own rootspace to keep development space clean (best practice)
  • Mapper templates now have tidier formatting.
  • "SimpleDynamicImportHook" only declared as a resource in the development space if you choose to attach to a fulcrum.
  • Unit tests create basic stub if "no-script" chosen.
  • Better CSS on the final page to highlight the links that let you quickly go and explore the newly created module with the other system tools.

FWIW, the other tool refreshes were to the Request and Class Trace tools so that they now show the module version number, which allows you to differentiate multiple generations of the same module should you have more than one version commissioned.

Grammar's Kitchen has been fixed to prevent the roundtrip of a grammar on Windows from exploding with newline whitespace! Yep, Windows doesn't consistently round trip