NetKernel News Volume 3 Issue 17

March 30th 2012

What's new this week?

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Repository Updates

The following update is available in both the NKSE and NKEE repositories...

  • http-server 2.13.1
    • The dynamically generated httpRequest/Response endpoint is now marked as threadsafe for concurrent access. Thanks to Chris Cormack for discovering this oversight.

Tom Latest

I've got jet lag and a hundred things to catch up on so I'm afraid this is a pretty content-lite news article this week. But to make up for it Tom has been carrying the flame and has produced a couple of blogs over the past two weeks while I've been distracted...

As always your questions, opinions and ideas for future posts are welcomed at practicalnetkernelgmailcom.

In case you missed it Tom's book is now a wrap and has been released to manufacture - which means it can be resolved here and should be reified as a representation soon after.

You can also see that it now has a cover - which features a long-tail. Not sure if that's got hidden meaning.

News Snippets

The news in brief...

  • Last time we discussed the NKP LoadBalancer. This is now getting a final coat of polish and will be released as an install in the NKEE repos in the early part of next week.
  • Engineering Fact of the Week: The internet is lossy - a high-volume cloud-based site that connects home to a data-center typically sees 0.5% connection loss. That is, 100% of requests go out, only 99.5% get all the way there and back again, 0.5% disappear. If you're using REST to phone-home then you must plan to fail-safe with error-handling and retrys. If, on the other hand, you're using NKP, it will automatically keep the connection alive, reconnect and retry. So it provides a resilient and tolerant foundation for cloud-DC links.
  • Mississippi is not an easy word to spell. It is even harder to say if you have a lisp or you are six and have no front teeth.
  • Next week things will be back to normal, and I'll be rambling on about something or other to do with Sets, Resources, Thermodynamics with all the usual philosophical clap-trap you've come to expect... Incidentally did you see the connection between the bag and the wheel last time? Both are sets. The wheel is the set of all points a fixed radius from the hub and when rotated provides an accessor to the set of all spacial points at a height of one radius from the resting surface. Two of mankind's best efforts are direct physical manifestations of sets!

Have a great weekend!


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