NetKernel News Volume 4 Issue 13 - The future is coming

NetKernel News Volume 4 Issue 13

May 3rd 2013

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Repository Updates

The following update is available in the NKEE and NKSE repositories

  • module-standard-1.58.1
    • Fixed a potential NPE when used by the visualizer - thanks to Chris Cormack for reporting this.

Article: "The Future is Coming On", in which Tony gets mad then gets even

I'm on the road today, but Tony has stepped up and has provided today's article on his blog...

NetKernel goes Dutch

If you're in the Netherlands or Benelux region and fancy meeting face to face we will be exhibiting at the ICTVakDag 2013 conference on Monday 13th May. Hope to see some of you there, we'll be the ones on the large stand playing ROC-Hockey. (What never heard of it? You've got to see it to believe it).

I'm delighted to say that we will be joined by our Dutch colleagues from Edge Technologies who will be on hand to exhibit their NetKernel-based telecoms products.

Have a great weekend.


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