NetKernel News Volume 6 Issue 6 - Your Object Model Sucks, Introduction to Resource Oriented Computing Video, Godel Numbering Part 3, Bootcamp

NetKernel News Volume 6 Issue 6

May 1st 2015

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Repository Updates

NOTE: As announced previously, Java 6 is now end-of-life and since January 2015 all modules are built and target Java 7. Do not attempt to install updates if you are still running Java 6.

No updates this week.

Tony's Blog: Gödel Alone Knows - Part 3

Concluding his flirtation with academia, having safely salvaged his reputation with last weeks IoT Radar article, this time Tony concludes his series on the history of Gödel numbering...

History of Gödel Numbering - Part 3

Your Object Model Sucks / Introduction to Resource Oriented Computing Video

I had the pleasure of joining up with Ron Hitchens to give a pair of talks to the London Java Community meetup earlier this week.

We got a huge turnout - perhaps because, provocatively, the title of the session was "Your Object Model Sucks".

As it turned out we were extremely well received and we got some excellent feedback and very kind comments.

Ron kicks things off and provides a presentation based on his recent PragPub article Your Object Model Sucks - but not before establishing that, as an official Java RockStar, he has all the credentials necessary to justify his critique of the default OO orthodoxy.

He kindly tees things up and then (at around 26:45) he hands over to me for my "Introduction to ROC" talk.

The video is public but currently locked to Skillsmatter's site - you'll find it linked below together with a summary of the talks...

Fortunately the video mainly focuses on my slides, rather than my silhouette profile - surely they *must* have used a special stomach distortion lense?

I put quite a lot of work into the preparation for the presentation.

It feels to me like it flows smoothly; starting by discussing why microservices are taking off, through to a coherent picture of where ROC came from, what it is and where it leads you.

As I say, the feedback was fantastic - so I guess it hit the spot. Thanks to all who came along - I look forward to meeting you again.

BootCamp - London this Summer

As a heads up, I made an announcement near the end of the video, for a free NetKernel/ROC bootcamp in London in the summer. We're looking at late July or early August and just working out the logistics. If you would like to come along, or know someone who would like to get a fast track into ROC then please drop us a line and we'll get in touch when we've finalized the plans.

Demand will probably be high - we've already had several expressions of interest from the LJC group.

SEO Help

These newsletters contain hundreds of articles with lots and lots of in-depth content on ROC and NetKernel. We've recently put quite a lot of effort into making them more search engine friendly - including ensuring that we're considered mobile friendly by Google.

One thing we need help with though is for this stuff to have good page-rank. We'd really appreciate it if you could link to articles you've found valuable etc. There's a partial list in the table of contents - even just tweeting links seems to get stuff more prominence in search results. Thanks we appreciate your help!

Have a great weekend!


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