List of Articles Recommended for Getting Started

List of Articles in Chronological Order - What is the value of ROC - Resource Oriented Analysis of a Twitter application - Linked data / resources and the generalization of the Web. - Redirects and partial identity - this is saying f(x) where x is not known! - How ROC can be distributed but the patterns are invariant - Parameters and Arguments and binding the ROC address space - This one is *important* and gets to the heart of the concepts. - Discusses P v NP and shows peroformance of Fib and Achermann functions in ROC domain - *Important* this one shows first auto-generated space diagrams of ROC domain - State, caching and consistency

Important a series showing ROC, functions and sets.

  6. - Important Infinite monkeys, abstract sets and computable representations - a bit of fun - Scale invariant optimisation - Important discusses how identifiers are independent from functions - On Metadata and its relation to ROC - Using ROC and metadata resources to make a micro-billed software architecture - Video guide to resolution through the ROC address space(s) - Cost analysis of using ROC versus traditional software in Cloud servers - Relation to Object Oriented (Hint) - Identifier State Duality - Important itemized list of ways that ROC offers conceptual leaps over predecessors. - Scope spaces and relation to LISP - Scope part 2 - ROC and biology - Why OO is a tyranny. ROC and representation models - On State and Reality - Important DPML a true ROC language

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